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Why SEO Matters

SEO refers to the techniques that help you achieve better rankings for your website in organic search results.

How it Works

  • Google (or another search engine) crawls a website and indexes it according to the keywords it finds on it.
  • When a user performs a search, the search engine queries its index and serves results in the order it deems the most valuable to the user.
  • SEO helps ensure that search engines can find, crawl, appropriately index, trust and ultimately serve your site as a result of a relevant search query—and as close to the top of the page as possibles.
  • Without an SEO strategy, you could be losing business to your competitors simply because their website appears higher in search results than yours.


On-page SEO

We audit your current SEO strategy and make actionable recommendations for improving your visibility for target keywords. This would include keyword research, targeting and tracking, page optimizations and content marketing

Technical SEO

We ensure the technical elements of your website are sound and that search engines are properly crawling and indexing your website. This may include making changes to your site architecture, schema, and ensuring proper redirects are in place where necessary

Off-page SEO

Trust is a massive ranking factor and a significant trust signal is having credible and authoritative links to your website from other sites—or backlinks. We help you build up your backlink profile and improve your trust scores.

Our Approach

Audit & Analysis

We first audit your existing website from a technical perspective, noting any existing problems. From there, we analyze the search landscape to understand who your organic competitors are and what they’re doing to rank. This includes understanding the content strategy and backlink profiles of both you and your competitors.

Strategy & Implementation

With audits complete, we’ll create an SEO strategy to build a stronger organic presence. This includes keyword research, content creation and optimization, cleaning up any technical issues, and beginning to build backlinks.


A strong SEO strategy is built to provide long-term success, not only leading to more website visitors, but more relevant website visitors.

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