Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing Matters

  • As we are all aware by our own inboxes, competing for attention with a marketing email is not as simple as it sounds. So many emails go unread and straight into the trash. However, when done right, email marketing has the potential to generate serious ROI.
  • According to a study by HubSpot, over 59% of marketers say that email is their biggest source of ROI.
  • Our experience with email will ensure your emails don’t end up in the trash and work for you to nurture leads, build trust and credibility, and generate sales.

What we do

Nurture Campaigns

We use nurture campaigns to ensure we have timely and relevant communication with prospects and sales people based on specific actions being taken with your brand.

Drip Campaigns

We use drip campaigns to keep prospects educated and aware of relevant information. This, in turn, keeps leads warm and current customers connected and engaged.

Design, Copy, & Development

We are experienced in what works and what doesn’t. We’ll not only develop the strategy for your email campaigns, but we will help craft the copy and design and fully develop them to work with your email platform.

Our Approach

Audit & Analysis

As always, we start with a foundation of intelligence. We’ll get an understanding of your business goals, audience personas, customer journey, and competition to identify the best path forward.

Strategy & Implementation

We’ll then segment your email list and craft a strategy to grow your list, increase your revenue and achieve your goals. From here we can write, design, and launch each email according to plan.


As the data comes in, we’ll use our learns to continue testing, tweaking, to ensure revenue and ROI are always improving.

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