Union College

 Schenectady, NY

Union College hired us to revitalize their brand—to create and execute a new brand identity and approach to marketing; and to do it with some speed. However, during the brand strategy development, it became apparent that the college needed a brand evolution, not a revolution. So, we revised our approach while maintaining the same objectives: To elevate Union’s visual brand and help them articulate a more contemporary voice in an effort to increase the efficiency and success of their marketing efforts.

Instead of changing everything with the flip of a switch, from the top down, we began to integrate a fresh, new approach on a more tactical level; one by one, in a bottom-up approach. We introduced a fresh new take on Admission’s viewbooks. We helped the Office of Development overhaul their marketing efforts. Over time, and through the consistent execution of smaller projects, we had largely reshaped and redefined the look, feel and voice of the Union College brand. Yet, we had left many of the core brand assets unchanged or only slightly enhanced.

Revolution isn’t always the answer. In this case, evolution was a more appropriate course and we still accomplished the original objectives.


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