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 Albany, NY

Albany Distilling Company approached id29 prior to launching in 2012. They knew how essential brand design, product design and credibility are in the craft distillery category; especially when you’re battling the world’s most celebrated brands and have limited marketing dollars. We’ve been known to enjoy a drink from time to time, so we jumped at the chance to provide some assistance to a local startup bent on doing great things.

We’ve been working with them since. Craft distilleries are growing as a percentage of overall spirits sales; and they’re not doing it by undercutting the prices of ubiquitous brands. They’re charging a premium, and that requires giving target customers a real reason to believe in them, their story and their products.

It requires creating an emotional connection that compels trial, purchase and loyalty. Of course, a great product is critical; but this is where exceptional design and articulation really become strategic assets.

Identity Development

Packaging Identity, Design & Photography

    Packaging Design ::
    Cocktail Club

    An exciting development for Albany Distilling is the introduction of a line of carbonated, naturally-flavored vodkas. Using original background textures, hardworking typography and a celebratory color palette, id29 has created a system that can grow with The Cocktail Club’s inevitable popularity.
    Cocktail Club Cucumber Melon
    Cocktail Club Orange
    Cocktail Club Black Cherry
    Cocktail Club Raspberry Lime


    A clean, confident informational site designed by id29 and coded by Aninit.

      Special Project ::
      ADCo Whiskey Club

      Identity for an exclusive club (anyone can join for $100) which affords the benefit of exclusive offers, events and a cool metallic membership card.

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