Universal Music

 Santa Monica, CA

Digital Ad Campaign

The challenge
Universal Music Enterprise needed to make a quick but sizable impact with a relatively small budget. Their catalog department needed to drive people into Target and Walmart stores to purchase specific exclusive vinyl records. They approached us to determine an effective strategy for making the most of their money and execute it in a timely manner. 

Our approach
After diving into market research about today’s vinyl buyer and the demographics and behaviors of Walmart shoppers vs Target shoppers, we developed two distinct strategies to reach only the individuals who would be most likely to buy a vinyl record from each of these locations. We used programmatic targeting layered with geo-fencing to reach people with a history of buying vinyl along with those whose behavior suggested they were highly likely to purchase vinyl. Since a national campaign would blow our budget in a day, we strategically chose locations in which projections showed would provide the highest ROI.

Target Ad :: 300 x 250

Placement on participating site

We designed and developed sets of HTML5 banner ads that showed the various titles we were promoting with some motion to capture the attention of consumers as they browsed the web.

In addition to a programmatic and geo-fencing campaign, we also tapped into social influencers on Instagram to maximize the reach of our message among a relevant audience, without breaking the bank. We timed their posts to line up with popular holiday shopping days for an added boost.

The Results
As a result, we generated over 4M impressions, 80K+ engagements, and thousands of visits to the vinyl records page on each website. Ad engagement for our programmatic and geo-fencing campaign exceeded the industry average benchmark by 2X, indicating we were able to reach a qualified audience and capture their attention.

Target Ad :: 300 x 600

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