The Trucking Association of New York
Clifton Park, NY

As the only organization of its kind in New York State, TANY is both unique and essential to the trucking industry. Knowing that their brand design, website and marketing communications needed a serious upgrade, they hired id29. As we always do, we started with brand strategy; making sure that we intelligently established key guideposts prior to beginning any creative and design work. From there, we provided TANY with three unique brand identity/brand design options; each a comprehensive system that TANY could wield with confidence across all touchpoints. They chose the brand design system you see outlined here and we’re just beginning to apply it to all of their marketing communications and website.

Brand Identity

Strong, bold and as confident as the people who keep this organization running, this id29-created brand identity marks TANY’s renewed commitment to serving NY’s trucking industry.




With a new TANY brand identity/brand design in place id29 designed and developed a cleaner, more engaging, user-friendly website, along with content and functionality that promotes more qualified leads and sales. Additionally we established a firm SEO foundation from day one.

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