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 Niskayuna, NY

If it's not the Mt. Everest of rebrands, it's the K2. A multi-billion dollar company with 72 facilities in six continents; 14 languages and a scope of business that spans virtually every market in existence. That's SI Group. If you've never heard of them, it's because they're just a little bit upstream of many consumer-level products. Heard of Dow and BASF? SI Group is one of their primary suppliers.

SI Group brought us on board because they wanted to work with a company that could service them locally, but had the chops to handle their global needs. Over the course of a few months we engaged in a deep dive on brand strategy. We helped them answer some all-too-difficult questions: Who are you? What are your core values? What services do you provide and to whom? How should SI Group be positioned in the market? What should the SI Group brand convey?

In 2015, we created the new SI Group brand and helped them launch what will be very valuable assets for years to come.

Brand Strategy & Identity

We worked with SI Group for the better part of a year to analyze their various market segments, their strategic oportunities and the direction of their business. This gave us insight not only into the character of their business but also into the logistical and cultural complexities of rolling out a brand across five continents in multiple languages.

  • Previous logo

  • New logo

    A new symbol and custom-designed wordmark

    SI Group Brand Book: and internal-facing document for aligning employees with the tone of the new brand.

    SI Group Corporate Brochure

    • SIG Corp Brochure Cover
    • SIG Corp Brochure Interior 3
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    • SIG Corp Brochure Interior 2
    • SIG Corp Brochure Interior 1

    Corporate Signage

    SI Group Brand Videos

    Brand Photography

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