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This page is filled with examples of our big, bold, courageous and irreverent self-promotional work. Certainly, the exact approach we take for our own work would not be advisable for most of our clients.

However, there’s no reason to reach out to prospective customers unless you do it with impact and give them something they can’t forget; that’s universal.

Slay the Scary Monsters 

Slay the Scary Monsters

The definitive guide to putting the kibosh on those who dare to stand in the way of creative brilliance.

This is a story of Scary Monsters: Wicked foes, shitty vendors, born losers, obstacles, pain and suffering, massive market downturns, ill-advised workplace sex, fear, backstabbing bitches, rodents, arbitrary budget cuts, power-hungry yes-men, inept co-workers, promises unkept, ugly competitors, and overripe, overpaid execs who reek of sardines, sulphur and lies—anyone and anything that keeps you from doing your job and doing it well.

Ultimately, however, it is an epic tale of battles fought and won. This is a story of id29, a small yet mighty design, brand, creative and marketing communications studio in Troy, NY. It is a story of their clients and the powerful weaponry id29 will provide to you in your endeavor to Slay the Scary Monsters.

We worked with our good friend and artist Michael Oatman on the monster collages.

Desktop Art


id29 Elemental

This self-promotional campaign featured a series of mini-posters by each of the designers at id29 based loosely on the alchemical elements of earth, fire, air and water. Those posters were followed up by custom softgoods based on the same theme. Additionally, there was a photoshoot by our friend Mark McCarty that accompanied the campaign, where things got weird pretty quick


id29 Oktoberfest

Why send just one Oktoberfest party invite, when all your designers can get involved? This was a set of cards we published that told a little bit about the history of the original German Oktoberfest, while inviting our friends and colleagues to our own 2012 party in the studio. Prost!  


Party on, Wayne!

We always have a bit of fun with our own party invitations. Here are a few from over the years. 

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Poster design

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