Firefly Bicycles

Boston, MA

To say that Firefly’s Tyler Evans, Jamie Medeiros and Kevin Wolfson are probably the nicest people in the 
bike world is not a stretch.

We had first met Tyler soon after the arrival of the new millennium at Interbike in Vegas—hoping to work with him and the company at which he then worked. Alas, the stars didn’t align, yet we kept in touch—knowing that our paths would eventually cross and magic would happen. In late 2010, just after we had just sent our new book—Slay the Scary Monsters—Tyler gave us a shout and said he wanted to talk. There was an intriguing secrecy and vagueness about his request, so we headed out to Beantown for a meeting. As the evening unfolded— and the contents of several bottles of tasty Belgian ales evaporated—Tyler, Jamie and Kevin revealed that they were starting their own company and that they’d like id29 to be involved from day one. Firefly Bicycles would be the name and they were well aware of the need for absolutely brilliant brand and communication design 
from day one. Of course, we were all in.

Firefly officially launched February of 2011. They’ve created a huge buzz in the increasingly competitive, handmade bicycle category—a space in which complete bikes often sell for $10,000 or more. We’re looking forward to a long partnership with Tyler, Jamie and Kevin. May the wind always be at their backs, their wheels true and their road rash free from flesh-eating microbes.

There was never any question about the quality of our bikes—we can make the best bike frames in the world. However, we knew that the Firefly story had to be articulated well and we needed to make sure that the quality of our brand design and marketing was commensurate with our bikes. We’ve known id29 for quite a while. We’ve always loved their work. They were delighted to be involved right from the moment Firefly was born.
Tyler Evans, Lead

Identity Development

All Bicycle Photography by Tyler Evans

Firefly Adventure Team

Firefly Adventure Team Kit

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