Crystal IS

 Green Island, NY

For nearly the first 20 years of their existence, Crystal IS was a research company focused on developing UVC LED technology. Their proprietary crystal structure creates specialized LED devices for high-accuracy sensors and high-powered disinfection applications. Over the past few years, they are starting to bring their once-experimental technology to the market, where it’s being adopted by all manner of scientific instrument and healthcare device manufacturers.

In short, as the market begins to adopt LED technology more readily, Crystal IS has blown up. Though they had an existing brand, it wasn’t really up to the challenge of deploying across multiple market segments and product lines, in multiple continents. We've really just begun, and the sky's the limit for Crystal IS.


Crystal IS products apply to a diverse range of industry applications. For each, there is a specific sub-brand: Klaran, for disinfection, and Optan, for diagnostics. id29 designed logos and sub-brands for both.
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    A robust brand site providing product details and a wealth of original content on the use and application of UVC LEDs.

      A product site for discovering the many diagnostic applications of Optan UVC LEDs.

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