Schenectady, NY

In early 2020, Computer Professionals International—a leading IT/Managed Services company in Upstate NY—came to id29 with the need to revitalize their outdated brand and web presence. Several strategic work sessions provided us with the requisite guideposts to inspire our creative work. Those same sessions revealed a need to rename the organization as well. Out of nearly seventy possible names that we created, the client chose cb20—a short, simple and memorable name that 1) had a very short and available URL; and 2) subtly reflects the fact that managed services has largely migrated to “the cloud” (cb is scientific shorthand for nature’s most formidable cloud formation, the cumulonimbus).

After creating cb20’s brand identity, brand design and website, our work for cb20 has just begun. Onward!

Brand Identity

The id29-designed logo incorporates a clean and bold, custom-drawn logotype and a mark derived from the scientific symbol for cumulonimbus clouds.



As with any website that id29 designs and develops, user experience is paramount. cb20’s website is clean, efficient and effective at quickly getting the viewer where they need to be; yet, it’s unique, informative and visually engaging. And it’s drawing more qualified leads thanks to our SEO and digital marketing work.

    Brand Guidelines

    With a new brand identity in place, cb20 looked to id29 to help define the usage of their visual brand moving forward. We developed a comprehensive set of brand guidelines to ensure uniformity of the new brand across all their media. 

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