Beyond 6

 Saratoga Springs, NY

American Natural Gas had plans to launch a new company; one that helps organizations strategically reduce their carbon footprint. They turned to id29 for brand strategy, name development, brand identity and launch materials for that effort.

The name had to be relevant, memorable and the URL had to be available.

The brand identity had to reflect the new brand’s strategic direction, values and character; and it had to do it with a confident swagger. The new company’s website had to present an effective, articulate story; imparting critical information and driving leads at the same time.

In a few short months, Beyond6 was created—we accomplished all that and much more.

Brand Identity

The Beyond6 logo incorporates a custom-drawn logotype and a bold number 6 (the atomic number of Carbon)


As with any website that id29 designs and develops, user experience is paramount. Beyond6’s website is clean, efficient and effective at quickly getting the viewer where they need to be; yet, it’s unique, informative and simple animation enhances visual engagement.

    Brand Illustrations

    • A B 6
    • B B 6
    • D B 6
    • E B 6

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