Cobra Golf || Carlsbad, CA

Cobra Golf

Carlsbad, CA

Cobra Golf asked id29 to help them reposition and relaunch their brand in 2011. The golf category is stagnant at best and Cobra’s market share had declined considerably. Consumer participation and purchases have slowed. In most countries, the pie wasn't getting any larger, so market share gains had to be taken from competitors.

Cobra knew that they simply couldn’t afford to be just another golf club manufacturer. We had to turn their brand and marketing communications into strategic assets. We helped them put stakes in the ground so that they had clear guideposts. We shaped and created the brand’s character at every touchpoint so that their target segments could easily identity with them.

We executed all of their brand and marketing communications — from the most trivial product sticker, to international, integrated campaigns for all of their products. We’re happy to say that our three-year partnership with Cobra coincided with solid growth and a solid reemergence of a legendary brand.

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starring John O'Hurley

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