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We’ve been working with Bestpass since 2014. What started with brand strategy and brand design development has continued with annual comprehensive, integrated marketing campaigns (and very solid revenue growth).

Work It Like A Toll Boss is the creative platform for 2018’s annual campaign. Directed at three unique target segments, Toll Boss utilizes a comprehensive media plan including national trade print, digital display, satellite radio, tradeshow/event marketing, promotional and social media marketing.



The Power of a Great Creative Platform

jimmy is a hero

Take a look at Jimmy. He’s more than a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Sure, he’s got the fancy spectacles, a professorial sweater and we assume there’s grey matter of some sort in there; but a member of Mensa he is not.

Jimmy is the centerpiece of Bestpass’s 2017 multi-channel campaign—our third rather large, annual effort for them. We crafted the creative and media plan for the year-long campaign which includes trade advertising, digital display and video, social media, content, satellite radio, event marketing and more. 




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