Eagles, Bears, Bacon, Tigers, Lasers, Explosions and Toll Management

By Michael Fallone, Principal, id29

id29 has been working with Bestpass since 2014. What started with brand strategy and brand design development has continued with annual comprehensive, integrated marketing campaigns (and very solid revenue growth).

Work It Like A Toll Boss is the creative platform for 2018’s annual campaign. Directed at three unique target segments, Toll Boss utilizes a comprehensive media plan including national trade print, digital display, satellite radio, tradeshow/event marketing, promotional and social media marketing.

We worked very closely with New Orleans-based illustrator extraordinaire Vance Kelly to develop three “master” Toll Boss illustrations—and those assets serve as the visual foundation for the entire campaign. Our friends at Luxurious Animals—Robert Bengraff and Garrett Nantz—provided crucial assistance on the video production and animation front. Actor Anna Shields is superb as the spokesperson/eagle-rider/animated celebrity for this year’s campaign. 

What you see here is only round one of what will be a three-phase rollout of Toll Boss.

Concept and Production

Print Ads


Radio Spots

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